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Restoration — Creating more living space

If you have any unused areas in or around your home—did you know that you can restore them to modern living units very economically? By using our tried and tested methods you can transform that derelict building or unused room to provide a comfortable 21st century interior, yet retain the traditional exterior of a redundant building giving you valuable living space at a fraction of the cost of new.

By combining modern methods of construction we can reline any building with load-bearing panels and engineered roof trussed rafters will take the roof weight off the external wall, so it becomes nothing more than a raincoat.

This method is economical way to provide quality living and will meet the UK building regulation compliance rules.

Above photos shows load-bearing panels being installed in derelict buildings. If access is poor or limited, it’s not a problem as we can introduce the components in pieces and ‘stick-build’ inside the building.

We always provide full structural calculations, working and lay-out drawings and full support so if you fancy a bit of d-i-y or you prefer a turnkey option—contact us now to discuss your prospective project.


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