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Guarantees & Indemnity

Guarantees & Indemnity

Part One: Deposit Protection and 10 year Guarantee

When you engage Urban Marque to undertake your project, you are selecting the best! Who says so? IWA Deposit & Guarantee Protection do. Urban Marque were fully vetted and investigated by IWA before they were accredited to join the scheme and this forms part of our care package to you which is free of charge.

The exclusive IWA scheme gives a buyer complete peace of mind as it:

A) Protects your deposit for up to 25% of the contract value immediately it is paid
B) If anything should happen to us in this uncertain world, IWA guarantee to complete your project as agreed with us
C) Will guarantee your lodge for up to 10 years against any problems in the unlikely event that Urban Marque is not in a position to do so

Part Two: Independent Structural and Design Indemnity

Structural Calculations

Specific and unique to your building. These prove that your building meets UK Building Control standards and is fit for purpose.

Site Specific Reports

These confirm that a historic weather check of the most extreme weather patterns on your site have been factored into the final design of the building so that no matter what, the building will not be affected by imposed severe weather loadings. Both of the above have been prepared by an independent chartered structural engineer with a Liability Insurance of £2m in the event of engineering negligence or fault.


The design package includes all the panel/roof/floor design and layout drawings. It also contains the manufacturing and site erecting drawings. Your building design has been professionally undertaken and if any fault or defect appears in the buildings structural elements and the designer is at fault then you have a £1m indemnity to fall back on.

Caravan Compliance

The compliance package confirms and evidences that your unit has been built and complies with:

A) Caravan Act 1960
B) Caravan Act 1968 (Mobile Homes)
C) Amendment Act of above 2006
D) BS 3632:2005

Non Structural Materials

We only buy in recognised material components from established sources in UK so that we can extend their guarantees to you. If there is a problem with any product within the time frame specified by the supplier, we will deal with it for you.

We protect our customers’ investments and properties by accrediting only carefully selected professional tradespeople with a proven history of delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

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