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Apples for Apples

The test on quality and price

Apples for Apples

Whenever we buy anything new there are usually choices. In many cases it is easy to make a decision on which product to purchase because we like what we see and the price is within our expected budget — but it isn’t quite as simple where technical item products are concerned especially if they are made up of many different components that can’t be seen.

In these circumstances we rely on the supplier to assist and advise us on their products to guarantee quality, value for money and most important that the product is problem free and will do what is expected of it. Choosing a new home or a habitable building is a very important decision and it is crucial that you are given honest answers to your questions and 100% correct advice prior to purchase.

This is where our Apples for Apples pledge is applied to help you to understand the complexity of Modern Methods of Construction. If you are considering the purchase of a new Lodge or Garden Building you will obviously have shopped around for quotes and wonder why they are all so different for a similar item. The answer is that they will not be the same specification so the comparable costs can vary enormously.

It is important that you can distinguish the quality and extent of each offer and the type of construction used in each case. We at Urban Marque are transparent in all our dealings and itemise the components we intend to supply in non high-tech terms as we appreciate that not everyone is familiar with the complicated terms used in the industry (even we come across new ones from time to time!)

We also break-down the costs of our component products and itemise the labour costs in each individual quote so you can see how we arrive at our quote prices.

Also for your benefit, we have written several help brochures covering many different aspects of materials and advice on several key topics—all free of charge on request.

Our Apples for Apples comparison test is shown below and only if you can tick all the boxes when comparing other quotes can you be certain that you have been quoted like-for-like.

Apples for Apples
Urban Marque Ltd Other
Site specific Engineers Structural Calculations Yes  
Full design and layout drawings for your specific building Yes  
Compliant with UK Building Regulations Yes  
240mm Insulated cassette floor Yes  
230mm thick External Walls Yes  
220mm thick Roof Yes  
Min 140mm Insulation in External walls (thermal) Yes  
Min 200mm Insulation in Floor (thermal) Yes  
Min 200mm Roof Insulation (thermal) Yes  
Min 90mm Internal Wall Insulation (acoustic) Yes  
Min 50mm clear air cavity between walls Yes  
All materials supplied from eco sustainable sources (FSC Certificated) Yes  
All timbers vac-vac pressure treated with water-borne preservatives Yes  
All timbers Kiln Dried and Stress Graded to our engineers instructions Yes  
All timber is CLS imported from N Europe on a Chain of Custody scheme Yes  
All components manufactured off-site and erected on-site Yes  
Vapour Barriers installed on all external walls and ceilings Yes  
Tyvec (or similar) breather membrane installed on all Timber Frame panels Yes  
Minimum external cladding grade: Redwood – Kiln Dried & Treated Yes  
18mm Sarking boards over roof rafters Yes  
A designed, engineered manufactured delivered and erected structural package Yes  
Full back up for Self-Builders for the complete build time Yes  
Full Compliance with Caravan Acts 1960 – 1968 & Revision 2006 Yes  
High security Rehau brand UPVC Windows and Doors Yes  
Option to alter standard design floor layouts, dimensions and window openings Yes  
Choice of external finishes including Savolit Render Panels Yes  
Optional Plinth System – replaces concrete foundation slabs Yes  
Free design service from your own sketches Yes  
Installed without Planning Permission wherever possible Yes  
The same passage of sound levels as a traditional house Yes  
The same low thermal levels(carbon emissions) as a traditional house Yes  
Up-rated thermal designs on request to meet a specific U value Yes  
A full document package on completion – calculations drawings and compliance Yes  
All buildings can be designed under Eurocodes 1 & 5 for EU customers Yes  
Choice of standard timber frame construction or mobile home compliant Yes  
Complies with BS 3632 :2005 Yes  
Customer Support 7 days per week Yes  

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